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“The vehicle [Zotye T600] has excellent quality, outstanding safety features and will be very well equipped with a unique design that will make it popular with American buyers,” according to Haah Automotive Holdings Chairman Duke Hale, the person in charge for distributing the T600 and other Zotye models to the U.S. Now, that's for the new T600 that gets significant design changes from the outgoing model sold in China and other Eastern markets for many years.

That outgoing model scored very well in crash testing performed China's vehicle safety assessment agency and you can see more about that below. Competing in western markets like the U.S. will require a host of "outstanding safety features" typically seen like, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection to cover active safety systems. Vehicle build and construction is unknown but considering its not an issue for most automakers, its one area Zotye cannot drop the ball on.

Zotye T600 safety test

Total rating: 51.20 points (4 stars)

Test method: С-NCAP 2012
Full Width Rigid Barrier
Rating: 82% (14.79/18)


Driver and Passenger


Rear Passenger

Offset-Deformable Barrier
Rating: 84% (15.11/18)


Driver and Passenger


Rear Passenger

Side Mobile Barrier
Rating: 89% (15.95/18)


Driver and Passenger


Rear Passenger
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