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Price as Zotye's biggest selling point means an expected MSRP of around $20,000 for the T600 small SUV.

An official T600 price list should be available soon but knowing Zotye is making price its biggest appeal, with target MSRP's said to be 20% less than rival automakers like Toyota and Hyundai, it easy to see why around $20,000 is possible here. Every other small SUV sold in the U.S. that seats 5 like the T600 averages around $25,000 to start.

Rivals include the Toyota Rav4 from $25,850 and Hyundai's Santa Fe from $24,900, as far as segment goes.

Below those are cheaper, small, $20k-range SUV's that aren't so 5-seater friendly but highly desirable for their more affordable price point even with some options included. I believe its precisely that type of customer Zotye is aiming target with a higher value product.
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