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Zotye T600 dimensions

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According to the numbers on Zotye’s website, here are the dimensions for the T600:

Length: 4631 mm (182.3 inches)
Width: 1893 mm (74.5 inches)
Height: 1694 mm (66.7 inches)
Wheelbase: 2807 mm (110.5 inches)

When the T600 first was introduced by Zotye, the design received criticism for sharing similarities to the Audi Q5 and the Volkswagen Tiguan. Not only that, the T600 is almost the same size as both SUVs

Here's how the T600's dimensions compare to the Q5 and Tiguan. Against the Q5 the T600 has a shorter length and wheelbase, is taller, and has the exact same width. With the Tiguan it has a shorter length and longer wheelbase while also being taller and wider.

Audi Q5:
Length: 4663.4 mm (183.6 inches)
Width: 1893 mm (74.5 inches)
Height: 1658.6 mm (65.3 inches)
Wheelbase: 2819.4 mm (111 inches)

Volkswagen Tiguan:
Length: 4701.5 mm (185.1 inches)
Width: 1838.9 mm (72.4 inches)
Height: 1684 mm (66.3 inches)
Wheelbase: 2788.9 mm (109.8 inches)
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