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For the T600, Zotye is claiming that its cargo space with the rear seats up is 334 litres (11.8 cubic feet). That’s roughly the same amount as a Volkswagen Tiguan.

But once you start to look at similar SUVs you realize that there’s a huge gap with the rest of the competition. Hopefully Zotye is creative with how they use their storage space.

Audi Q5: 711 liters (25.1 cubic feet)
Kia Soul: 685 liters (24.2 cubic feet)
Honda HR-V: 657 liters (23.2 cubic feet)
Hyundai Kona: 554 liters (19.5 cubic feet)
Toyota C-HR: 538 liters (19 cubic feet)
Volkswagen Tiguan: 340 liters (12 cubic feet)
Zotye T600: 334 liters (11.8 cubic feet)
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