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Zotye T600 0-60 time

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According to Zotye's website, the T600 comes with the option of a 1.5 litre 4-cylinder engine or a 2.0 litre turbocharged 4 cylinder engine.

With the 2.0 litre engine(174 hp & 184 lb-ft of torque) the T600 can reach 0-60 in approximately 9.76 seconds. Which puts it in the same ball park as some of its competitors.

Here's a list of 0-60 times for reference:

Audi Q5: 5.9 seconds
Kia Soul: 8.0 seconds
Volkswagen Tiguan: 8.2 seconds
Hyundai Kona: 9.2 seconds
Honda HR-V: 9.6 seconds
Zotye T600: 9.76 seconds
Toyota C-HR: 11 seconds
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