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This is a very interesting list of the top 10 most popular car models in China.

Zotye placed second on the list with their SR9 SUV (that really looks like a Porsche Macan)

Here's what they wrote:

It's not what you're thinking. This is not the Porsche Macan. This is actually the SR9 made by Zotye Auto. The SR9 caused a flurry of controversy, including its striking similarities with the Macan's body styling and interior.

However, there are many significant differences between the models, with one of the biggest being the price. The Macan retail price starts at $135,000 (946,000 CNY), while the SR9 price starts at $16,000 (112,000 CNY). Also, the SR9 only has 190 horsepower and an inline 4 cylinder engine.

There was talk back in 2016 about Porsche suing Zotye, but the buzz has since died down, as Zotye has done some design rejigging and is busy promoting its other models, which they have many.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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