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Zotye Revolutionized The New Vehicle Sales Processes via a Cloud-Based Solution

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Zotye consolidated everything we're used to with new car buying to a cloud-based platform that provides a lot of transparency. Its game changing.

Zotye Auto USA Press Release:
First All-Cloud Ecosystem for an Automaker Announced by HAAH Automotive and Oracle NetSuite
– Enables Zotye USA and All Other Future Brands to Take Advantage of an Innovative Cloud Solution.
Media Contact:
Chris Hosford|[email protected]|+1-714-743-8764

IRVINE, Calif. Nov. 14, 2019 – HAAH Automotive Holdings and Zotye USA today announced a new automotive ecosystem and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Dealer Management system. The news was announced by Chairman Duke Hale and Chief Information Officer Yvonne Burkhouse in a move to effect change in the world of automotive new vehicle sales processes.

HAAH and Zotye USA are partnering with Oracle NetSuite to implement a cloud-based platform that manages the entire automotive ecosystem for sales, distribution, dealer operations and management systems, CRM, parts, service finance, call centers and warranty systems. This will provide total visibility and a single view into the entire supply chain from production to delivery and inventory management with web and mobile analytic reporting.

”This unified ‘one platform, one cloud-based solution’ system will provide the automotive industry with unprecedented simplicity, transparency and ease of use for customers, dealers, employees and the distributor,” said Hale. “Nobody has done anything like this before in automotive field as most OEMs have traditional models with legacy systems and disparate data silos that fall short of end-to-end processes across functional business areas. That makes real-time information that enhances the Customer Experience (CX) impossible. This new system is truly leading edge,” Hale said.

The platform offers an event based fully integrated real-time business management system for all operations for dealers and the distributor that will give customers a hassle-free, haggle-free buying and ownership experience, while creating a platform in the cloud to speed operations for both dealers and the distributor.

“As a new entrant into U.S. automotive sales, we have no legacy systems and no history to hold us back. This puts us in a unique position to lead the way when it comes to innovation and provides dealers with several benefits by using a core system that is cost effective and provides a single version of the truth which is a large financial advantage. Dealers can prepare and aggregate their data in less time and spend more time making business decisions and business process improvements. Gathering information customer by customer empowers their employees to deliver a more personalized customer experience. Also, major software updates are provided twice a year and minor updates from the cloud that will make their system obsolescence proof. Dealers that have multiple retail stores will have the same software version with a more efficient Dealer Management System (DMS),” said Burkhouse.

“We are excited by this new venture. By combining the expertise of our executives with this unified platform and cloud technology, we are providing what is needed to drive the automotive industry forward and make a difference creating a far better consumer experience,” Burkhouse said.

Security will be integral to the entire system, with critical information technology infrastructure supporting a five-layer approach ensuring data management, performance, policies and controls, monitoring and compliance. This provides the ability to protect all intellectual property and customer data.
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