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When Zotye comes to the United States we know they will be offering customers the T600. But Zotye has a wide variety of vehicles that they sell in China. Is there another vehicle that you want them to sell?

Here's what their full lineup looks like. I think the TRAUM SUVs could do well in the US.

Zotye Z100

Zotye Z360

Zotye Z700

Zotye T600

Zotye T700

Zotye E200



Zotye TRAUM S70

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I would be most interested in a wagon with the slow return they are making.
That would really be a bold move for Zotye that's for sure. Do you think there's enough demand in wagons for them to do that?
Done correctly, it won't be an issue.

Kia hit it on the nail with the new Kia Stinger which might pave the way for automakers like Zotye.
Kia did a great job designing the Stinger that's for sure but aren't there rumors that they're going to stop producing the Stinger?
If anyone lives in the UAE, Zotye will be selling four models from their T-Series and E-Series line up, one of them an electric vehicle:
The T300 is another SUV that I think could do well in the States, for a compact SUV it has a great look.
At this point I think just about any Zotye designed as well as the U.S spec T600 and priced 20% under the competition will do well.
A 20% price difference will make a big deal for customers that's for sure.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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