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Forbes - Zotye and Chinese car companies are coming

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Forbes wrote an article about the 5 key takeaways from the LA Auto Show. In that article they talk about how "The Chinese Are Coming" because of their large distribution network.

5. The Chinese Are Coming

Yes, we have certainly heard before that Chinese automakers will soon begin selling vehicles in the American market, but this time the news is different. The reason? Zotye USA, a distribution led by former top Volvo and Mazda sales executive Duke Hale, understands the idiosyncratic U.S. market and is expected to translate that knowledge into retail sales as early as 2021.

Zotye USA is the American distributor for Chinese manufacturer Zotye Automobile, and the first U.S. Zotye model will be a compact crossover utility based on the Chinese-market Zotye T600.

To demonstrate the reality of its brand introduction and vehicle launch plans, Zotye USA has already chosen dealers in 100 markets, including Houston, Atlanta and Las Vegas. When mature the Zotye U.S. dealer network is expected to include more than 300 dealerships.

Beyond additional Chinese-built Zotye vehicles, the distributor might import and market other China-built vehicles as Chinese manufacturers, currently facing sales slowdowns in their local markets, seek to sell their wares in the United States.
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After established brands wouldn't budge with Chinese money, moves like this were inevitable.
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