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Chinese Car Manufacturers

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I always knew that the Chinese car market was massive for obvious reasons, but I never realized how many Chinese car manufacturers there are.

Here's a full list of companies that I found:
  • Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corporation (1988–present)
    • Beijing Automobile Works (1958–present)
    • Foton (1996–present)
    • Denza (2010–present) (50% with Daimler AG)
  • BYD (2003–present)
  • Chang'an Motors(1990–present)
    • Changhe (1970–present)
    • Hafei (1950–present)
  • Chery Automobile (1997–present)
  • Dongfeng(1969–present)
    • Dongfeng Fengshen (2009–present)
    • Venucia (2010–present)
  • First Automobile Works(1953–present)
    • Haima Automobile (1992–present)
    • FAW Hongqi (1958–present)
    • FAW Tianjin (1965–present)
  • Forta (1990–present)
  • Foday (1988–present)
  • Fukang (1990–present)
  • Geely(1998–present)
    • Geely Auto (1998–present)
    • Lynk & Co (2016–present)
    • Volvo Cars (2010–present)
  • Great Wall Motors(1984–present)
    • Haval (2013–present)
    • WEY (2017–present)
  • Green Field Motor (2010–present)
  • Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group(GAIG) (2000–present)
    • GAC Group (1955–present)
    • Aion (2018–present)
    • Trumpchi (2010–present)
    • Changfeng Motor(1950–present)
      • Liebao (1996–present)
    • Guangqi Honda(1998–present)
      • Everus (2008–present)
    • GAC Toyota(2004–present)
      • Leahead (2015–present)
  • Huanghai (1984–present)
  • Hawtai (Huatai) (2000–present)
  • Huachen (Brilliance)(1992–present)
    • Jinbei (1991–present)
    • Zhonghua (2002–present)
  • Jianghuai (JAC) (1964–present)
  • Jiangling Motor Holding (2004–present)
    • Jiangling (JMC) (1993–present)
  • Jiangnan Auto (1988–present)
    • Landwind (2004–present)
  • Jiangnan Auto (1988–present)
  • JMCG(1947–present)
    • Jingma Motor (1958–present)
    • JMCGL (2013–present)
    • JMEV (2015–present)
  • King Long (1988–present)
  • Kingstar (2004–present)
  • Lifan (1992–present)
  • NIO (2014–present)
  • Qoros (2013–present)
  • Shaanxi Automobile Group (1968–present)
  • SAIC Motor(1955–present)
    • Maxus (2011–present)
    • MG Motor (2006–present)
    • Roewe (2006–present)
    • Wuling (1958–present)
    • Nanjing Automobile Corporation(NAC) (1947–present)
      • Yuejin (1995–present)
  • Sichuan Tengzhong (2005–present)
  • Shuguang Group(1984–present)
    • Huanghai Bus (1951–present)
  • Soueast Motors / Dongnan (1995–present)
  • Tianma (1995–present)
  • Wuling Automobile (2007–present)
  • Xinkai (1984–present)
  • Yema Auto (1994–present)
  • Youngman (2001–present)
  • Yutong Group (1963–present)
  • Zhongxing (ZX Auto) (1999–present)
  • Zhongyu (2004–present)
  • Zotye(2005–present)
    • Domy Auto (2015–present). Tencent Motors/DongJin (2019–present)(50% With Mitsubishi Motors)
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It's not a Chinese company but apparently there's a Vietnamese car company that's aiming to sell cars in the US. It's probably nothing but it's something interesting to follow.

Pham Nhat Vuong, Vietnam's richest man and now in charge of a startup called VinFast is investing $2 Billion of his own money in trying to reach the American market in 2021. His cash would account for half the capital investment of VinFast, which began delivering cars to Vietnamese consumers with BMW-licensed engines earlier this year and aims to expand into electric vehicles.

Here's the article from Bloomberg.
China's economy is insane, they have more millionaires than California has people.
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